Chris & Painting

Well, I have started a few small paintings about A4 size.  I use acrylics as I am rather impatient and want things to happen quickly.  When I am working well, the images can come quite easily and very fast.  I like to get in that zone.  Attached is the best of the works I have produced this week.


This painting is of a Spanish girl and her chihuahua.  Velazquez ‘Las Meninas ‘ has been an influence  on some of the recent small works I have been making.  I love that painting…there is just so much happening.

I am currently reading ‘The Kachina and the Cross’ ,  which focuses on ‘the interaction of Spaniards and native peoples in New Mexico’.  Written by Carroll L. Riley, it is a very interesting book, but I will have to get back to my Aussie resources soon.  C x


Hello to all from Ariella

Much like Alex it is a very new experience for me too, I am happiest in my studio doing some work- but will try to see what is it like talking about it and sharing it with my fellow artists here in the wide Bay and in far away land.
Greeting to all participating artists- it should be a fun ride!! looking forward meeting you all !!!

Getting started

Las Cruces beginning                                                                 I just started putting the base coat down for the four works. I am planning the two pieces for Australia to be 24 x 18″ and the two for Las Cruces 36 x 24″. One redish and one clay and blueish for each exhibit.

The green, green grass trees of home

Hi everyone, fun to be checking in for the first time on WBHDII and thought I’d post about what I’ve been working on for the last couple of months and where it’s headed. Actually, I don’t know where it’s headed… 02AWFebGrassTreeSite

These beautiful plants are Australian Grass Trees (Xanthorea species – I’m not sure what kind yet) and they cover a hillside about 100km (62m) from my home. There are some closer to home but not in such numbers as this site. They push up a tall, straight flower spike and remind me in some ways (if you squint and move back about a mile) of the Yukka I saw at White Sands in NM.

03AWFebGrassTreeSketches I’ve been sketching and painting these for a few months in preparation for a show in Brisbane in July, but also to see where it might all head for my WBHDII pieces. Sketching has been pretty minimal as the Australian summer makes for very unpleasant times. I went to the site 2 weeks ago and once I’d swatted away about 300 mosquitoes, then swallowed some flies visiting from adjoining cattle paddocks, the sun emerged and before I blacked out I made a vow to come back after summer.

So, some squiggly compositions did emerge and whilst none of the larger pieces are finished, there is some colour going down and I’m working through some ideas. Below is where I work, listen to bad tv and good music, drink lots of coffee, and talk to our dog. 01AWFebStudioGrassTrees

Hi from Chris


Hello all past and new artists….and organisers of course. How exciting this round will be. I am going to be painting for the exhibition, which will be a challenge for me as I have not really ever taken my painting seriously…favouring 3d and digital work.

I do like a challenge though! Talk art soon. C x

Hi everyone

This is the first time I participate in a blog, so it might take me a little while to get used to it and understand how it works. I don’t even know that I am writing in the correct space right now. I am very happy to be part of this project and look forward to getting to know everyone. Alex

Wide Bay – High Desert II

Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery and Unsettled Gallery are very pleased to announce that Wide Bay – High Desert is back and with a new exhibition planned to open in late August. This second instalment of an exchange of ideas, artworks and artists has been a  wonderful conversation to follow via this blog site. So we are all looking forward to hearing from all the artists as they prepare, create and share in 2015.

We are very pleased to announce some new artists to the exhibition this year and we would like to welcome to the project: Jacklyn St Auburn, Jean Wilkey, Alexander Eulert, Virginia Maria Romero, Jo Rango, Marlies Oakley and Ariella Anderson to the project.

We also hope to continue to hear form our past exhibitors Carey, Dave and Peggy. And a warm welcome back to Adrienne, Sue, Chris and Trevor.

Well I think I will keep this blog short,  as unfortunately we are facing a day of uncertainty here in Queensland with a cyclone bearing down on our region, so stay safe everyone in the Wide Bay.