DP 1

DP 2 plus pirate ship 'Pearl'


Sam 2

Pirates!  Arghh!!!!!

Mary Poppins statue

I went to Maryborough, one hour or so South of Bundaberg yesterday, to present a digital projection for the Mary Poppins Festival. Trevor Spohr is Art and Cultural Development Officer based at Gatakers Artspace, and he had arranged this event some time back.
Maryborough is the birthplace of Mary Poppins author, PL Travers.
Gatakers Artspace

Above is a picture of the two buildings on the right that comprise Gatakers Artspace. They are magnificent buildings. The umbrellas are being put out as decorations for the Mary Poppins Festival. Gazebos and gas heaters too!

It was a beautiful evening…Irish band playing, lots of delicious foods and wines. Art and crafts. And of all things a magnificent little pirate ship on wheels accompanied by four pirates.

That little ship, named ‘Pearl’, had come with its owners from the Sunshine Coast to be part of today’s festivities. It would be such a treat for young children to take rides in the ornate ship, ferried around by four scary, but funny too, pirates.

Apparently, people enjoyed the projections I had prepared, so it was a very successful evening.

Above are a few of the projections I showed last night.
I had used umbrellas as my main theme…very plain and geometric shapes. Often, less can be more.
Trevor Spohr

PS Whilst in Maryborough, Trevor showed me some of the objects he will use for his assemblage. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.


Hang Ups

Hi Nolan,  Adrienne, often-canvas folks,

Artist Richard Timperio appears to staple straight to the wall, no stretcher, no hems, no pockets, no grommets:

I don’t know . . . I think my stuff needs the slight constraint, tautness, depth of a stretcher. This approach would sure take care of one of our specific Pacific shipping/exhibiting issues though. CC

Deer caught in the headlights

047_AW_13Drats. I meant to show all the visitors this book yesterday – it’s one CC recommended and I’m so enjoying it. Every few days, or once a week,
I read one artists’ answers to the set questions. I was prompted to post this arv, as I just read a small bit about one artist and his brush cleaning – it seems the more I read the more I see great honesty about their habits. These wonderful painters are not all sitting around obsessively cleaning their brushes, they’re timetables are often ‘set’ but realistic – ‘I’m in the studio for 8 hours but I paint for about 4 of those’. It’s funny what relief you can get from such a statement.

I’d spent the week wondering if I should hide some of the stage 1 canvasses from the visitors. I referred to them as car accidents – can’t look away, but it’s a bit grisly! But in the end I let ’em hang out. So for those who saw the canvas on the easel yesterday, I’ve added some more base colour, picking out the beautiful bottle shapes. It all feels a bit cartoon-like at this point but there’s so much more to add.

And for the High-Deserters, we had a hilarious moment of talking about the deadline …
I think this Wide-Bayer may have looked a bit like a deer caught in the headlights just thinking about the dates for shipping. But like all good woodpeckers we shall chip away at it. Chip chip. And I’ll continue to comfort-read from this magic book and chuck out the guilt! Thanks again CC.

News of Trevor!

Mary Poppins Festival

Well the news is that Trevor has been unable to start his work as he has been so busy with Mary Poppins and a house full of pirates!!! I don’t think Trevor should take in pirates do you??? They are very unsavoury types and they leave their cutlasses about the house and it’s just not safe! And besides that, they clonk around with their wooden legs making a dreadful noise on Trevor’s timber floors shouting out ‘ahoy me hearties’ at the top of their voices! Really, it’s just not on!

Seriously now, Trevor has been cleaning his balcony, collecting objects for his projects, and is having two weeks off shortly to create his works.

He really has been very busy with the Mary Poppins Festival. I will tell you all about that in the next post, as it is a long story.

I am going to do a video bombing for Trevor at Gatakers Artspace in Maryborough tomorrow night.

Thanks Trevor for taking me to Mt Perry yesterday. It was a most enjoyable day.

And thank you kind host…Adrienne.

Giving One Paws

H says that I didn’t do Carls justice. Here is a studio One shot of Carley and Milo. Poor framing, but they are Dogs at Work. Milo is offering a crittertique. Assistant in training Carley is more interested in lizards.


Here is another shot of Milo helping to stetch canvas.


OK back to ART next time. Maybe.

East comes West

045_AW_13Well, what a truly delightful day.

Thanks to the BRAG team, and fellow Wide-Baysters for making the journey and officially being the largest crowd yet in the studio. Much was discussed including bringing tents and sleepy bags next time.

In this shot, talks of siesta-needs came up after a long, cosy lunch. The Love sign in the background, done by a very clever writer friend, may have scared the locals when we first moved here as it’s a fully reflective road sign and does catch headlights and appears to glow. Spooky with a touch of hippy!

046_AW_13We were really sorry Jenny couldn’t be with us, and Sue is away doing something exciting that we hope she can tell us about in a post. I swear this was the best shot and is in keeping with my recent soft-focus focus. Takes years off us all?

Work obstacles and clean ups. Clean ups are work obstacles?

044_AW_13A paint splattered rag, the 10m of hanging wire I bought the other day, discarded paint can from painting the cabinolley, a hand fan which probably won’t be needed today while I’m in my thermal shirt and scarf…
Flat surfaces in the studio are like that area in the ocean where the tides bring together the planets’ discarded rubbish.


So, with the BRAG crew trekking out to Mt Perry tomorrow there is of course a strong urge to tidy up… I’m pleased to announce I’m ignoring this urge and keepin’ it real (aka messy).

Now I just have to have a word to the Assistant who seems to have made camp with a milk carton in the work area…