It’s getting close for Carey and myself for our two ‘solo’ exhibitions in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. I’m going to attach the advertisment that will be in the April edition of THE magazine, Santa Fe, NM. I’m getting excited to see the work all up at once. Shows are the only time I get to see a lot of my work at once….clean walls….good lighting. Wow. Image



scar 2 sm

‘Scar’ Digital print created from an aerial photograph taken over the Burnett River. Produced with a bas relief filter.
The city of Bundaberg appears on the lower left. The rivers silt banks can be identified here and there.

The land owns me.

Desert edge

I’ve just arrived in Charleville to spend some time through the week sketching and chatting with architecture and engineering students as they work their way through the early stages of an assignment. It’s about design for sustainable futures, and run by their professor (a good mate of mine).
Hopefully I can post some sketching progress.

Just over 3000 people live in Charleville and it’s surrounding red earth makes you feel very close to the inland deserts.

Flying in this morning I saw many beautiful abstracted shapes and patterns. And these river red gums on the banks of a Warrego River waterhole … sigh. Hard to photograph the flies though. I’ve told the students I will buy a gift for the first person who transits a fly up the nose and out the mouth. Hope that’s not me!


Procrastination can be a process to make progress

Working in Christine’s spacious space on Sunday is always productive and joyful.    118_AWLiving up to our name of the Hard Pressed print group we found ourselves painting and not printing—we have actually set a date to do a print, ahuh—and we both unearthed some gold, or in Christine’s case, some silver. Below she is applying some silver leaf to a beautifully textured piece, and I really enjoyed watching her work into it with a brush and take pieces away to leave a subtle balance of bling.

119_AWI was working on sketches for the commission, the stretching and priming took me longer than I thought and the intermittent procrastination about the sketching also consumed some time. “Creative avoidance is also thinking time” says a friend of mine. And it seems true for me. Then, standing in Christine’s space on Sunday as I was starting to scribble with a pencil I had a little lightbulb moment that brought together thoughts of colour, site, space. It did feel like all those thoughts were coalescing.

122_AWIn an excited tone I announced to Chris that I was going to start with a really dark grey green base, that it felt like the site I was painting called for it, and it made more sense of  the current drought I’m seeing every day.

At one point Chris turned around, looked over and said “you’re painting the colours you’re wearing”. There was a little bit of falling about laughing – and there I was thinking it was a profound moment of influence from memory and photographs when really I must have been literally navel gazing!

121_AWAt that point we needed a tea break, and I nervously had the first cuppa from Chris’s new tea cup. Look at that handle? Fortunately Clumsy Adrienne was not present.

120_AWSo, sketch done, beautiful diptych canvasses stretched, primed and dried and ready for that grey green base. Here ends the procrastination.