“The thinks you can think up”

Lovely to see the art flowing for you WBHD-ers. I’m away from home again, some family stuff to enjoy, but itching to get back to the studio. Soon.

I though much of Chris when I saw this work in Invercargill NZ recently. The show statement reads as:


This piece was titled: The girl who sewed a red pony and dreamed of joining the circus.


And I lost the title to this one, but it’s so joyous. Here’s a link to more of her work: Helen Back


May we all head into our new year with the feeling that “anything is possible” and I look forward to seeing the “thinks” you all think up. HNY





Christmas is over and I’m back in the studio and it feels GOOD. Coming back to being a painter again, whew.

This one is only 16″x 16″ and got inspired by a poem my 13 year old grandson just wrote and won 2nd Place in

a high school poetry contest. My WestonCakes! In the end, I went beyond his poem and had to title it

myself, leaving his lovely poem out of it. Winkler is trying to think of a new title, but this is IT. ha. Good to be back.


Hope your xmas was Merry and wishing you all an exciting 2014

I’ve a good deal of blog to be catching up with! but back and looking forward to keeping in touch and seeing what directions we’re all takeing in 2014 .. just posting some new paintings .. all small 30×30 canvases, a still life of sorts, a last years reworked and the owl and the pussy cat (which I hope might turn into a series about nursery rhymes/ fairy tales)  You see I’m finding it difficult to stay on one track bouncing about from image to image like a pin ball!

Looking forward to visiting Christine’s gallery on Sundays to experiment with mixing up digital and traditional printing this year

I thought our wbhd show at Charts and Unsettled looked great!!

Happy New Year!!


Too Long by the Light of the Moon

Too Long by the Light of the Moon

Restive Festive



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year All.

I’m posting one in the works (really, still wet acrylic) but likely nearly done. It seems appropriately festive. Kind of solstice-y too, for us heliocentrics.

For me, WBHD has been a true highlight of 2013. I am debating posting much post-project work here as we look to 2014. What do you think?

If you do want to see more work done after October you can find it here: http://cranepaints.com/2013/12/23/2014-almost-here/

Thanks my new friends. May the New Year bring you all the best artistically and in all other spheres.

Best, CC


I notice that there’s no ‘comments’ area on mine and Chris’ posts today… any thoughts on what’s happening there?

Exciting Chris though… folio show in Feb and the print group. I’d so love to be involved, a cuppa first thing in the NY perhaps?

And yes, busy, and I didn’t even mention the prickly pears and White Sands images from NM in my head and not yet on paper.

A little bit of New Mexico at a Queensland Xmas

Christmas this year will be spend with good friends who are currently inflating the blow-up pool where we will sip Margaritas in the sunshine and then probably need a 7 hour nap and then some more food (including a prawn and tomatillo nachos), and then more napping. A summer Christmas with an NM twist.

Arriving home 3 days before it has cancelled out time for card writing and tinsel twirling but the offcuts of xmas paper and shiny ribbon trapped in the tumbleweeds of dog hair have added a festive feel to home.


104__AW_13 The recent travels have allowed lots of time for thoughts about work to come. There are many things I still want to work through with the bottle trees, and for a few years now I’ve been gathering scribbles and photos and disjointed thoughts around the alpine plants of Tasmania, in southern Australia. It was amazing to see some related plants on the subantarctic islands recently (we got as far as 53˚ south), as well as the gigantism of some of the alpine island plants known as megaherbs.

105__AW_13I think I’m just going to have to start scribbling in the New Year and see what comes, as it currently feels related and not. And the amazing sight of 50,000+ penguins has to work it’s way in there somehow. I’m thinking they could be quite beautiful as embossings like the recent bottle tree collagraph embossings.


And somewhere in amongst all that sits the black gesso, the fledgeling skills in woodcut and hectograph, and the urge to stretch up a gigantic canvas. It’s going to be an interesting year.

Merry Christmas and thanks for making my 2013 such a great year.

Constitutional Monarchy

Australia is a constitutional monarchy. Our figurehead is the British Queen, Elizabeth 2. Many of our countrymen and women would like to see Australia become a Republic. Others enjoy the ‘pomp and ceremony’and history that we share with the ‘Motherland’, as people once called Britain. This, my most recent work, is titled ‘Flora’s Crown’.

Flora's Crown 3 sm

Christmas/Holidays in the ‘boro

ImageImageone of our little cafes next…Image

a bridge coming into town


part of our wreath….wreath made of a lass rope, don’tcha know


next is the house we rented when we first came to the ‘boro. Our ex Lt. Gov. owns it now


a good pal’s wreath with another pal’s painting of la madonna on it


and last, but not least…a remembrance of November’s Day o’the Dead